Best Way To Cool Off When Your Apartment Is Hot

When it’s hot outside, there is no remedy for it like getting cool again.  Literally, nothing in the world is going to stop you from perpetual sweating except by lowering your body’s temperature somehow.  I have been to places in the South where it was so persistently hot all the time, the water from the taps wouldn’t even be cold. 

There was absolutely NO relief.  And it was miserable. 

Apartment living presents challenges for both the landlord and the tenants with regards to the temperature of the units, and how well those air conditioners actually work.  I have been in many houses, condos, and homes where the air conditioner is old, out of repair, or just plain can’t do the job correctly.  

So, what is the solution to this persistent problem?  What do you do if you want to actually enjoy your apartment under 85 degrees?  

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I am going to walk you through one of the best cooling solutions that we have found.  And the great thing is…  you can take it with you wherever you go!  

Stick with me for a few moments and I will walk you through something that can SIGNIFICANTLY raise the quality of your life!

Why Does My Apartment Get So Hot?

There is only ONE reason your apartment gets so hot: Built-up Heat.  

Now, whether this extra heat is the result of a faulty Air Conditioning unit, poor airflow in your apartment, or it is just plain hot outside and it is tough to anything cool.  The ultimate cause for this is simply… Too Much Heat!  

Apartment buildings keep and store heat in the walls, ceilings, and floor.  This effect has a positive effect in the wintertime, but even then, people’s apartments can get too hot even in the wintertime for the same reasons!  

Heat builds up in the building during the day, especially in the summertime.  This heat can be stored in the air, in the walls, the floors, literally anything in your apartment.  When you come home to cool it down, you may find that even though you have a good A/C, your apartment or home doesn’t cool down as fast as you think it should.   That’s because it is having to take ALL that heat out of that material before you are going to have a noticeable difference.  And that takes time. 

Additionally, if you have an apartment on a higher floor, you are going to experience MORE of this heating, rather than less.  Why?  Because all the heat from all the other apartments below you builds up, rises, and then it is dispersed through the ceiling and walls.   But understanding the physics of why your apartment gets so hot doesn’t help you cool down.  And you are reading this so you can cool down NOW. 

If you have an apartment that is constantly getting hot, I have an entire article on WHY this happens, so you can help prevent it in every way possible.  

How Can I Cool Down My Hot Apartment?

You need to remove heat in any fashion you can.  This means making sure your apartment has adequate airflow, is shaded during the day, and you are not running appliances unnecessarily. 

The name of the game for this issue is removing heat.  However, you can accomplish this feat is something to seriously consider looking at. 

Obviously, the best way to do this is with an air conditioner that can handle the heat for you.  But even then, that cool air is going to come with a hefty price tag.  The times when you are going to be running your air conditioner are the same time that everyone else is going to be running their air conditioner.  This is when electricity is at peak use and is also more expensive. 

Even if you have an air conditioner that is up to the task of keeping your apartment cool enough to your liking 24 hours a day, you will be looking at a SUBSTANTIAL electric or gas bill.  

You may be at an apartment complex where the owner and maintenance guy has looked at the A/C unit and whatever it is doing is the best it’s going to do, and this leaves you with your hands tied unless you are looking for somewhere else to live.  But you shouldn’t have to be miserable in your apartment.  

How Can I Cool My Apartment Down Without A/C?

Increasing airflow to exchange the heat inside your apartment with new air will help, as will keeping the most amount of direct sunlight off your unit in a given day. 

Basically, what I’m saying here is that you are going to have to get some air flowing in your apartment, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner that is getting the job done for whatever reason.   

Make sure any overhead fans are blowing the right way, reverse them if they’re not.  

Open some windows right when you come home for the day to exchange the air in your apartment.  

Even though it’s hot outside, it can still be hotter in your apartment.  Just like on a summer day where you roll the windows down in your car until the air conditioner starts working, it is the exact same thing that happens with your apartment.   Exchange that air, THEN try to cool your apartment down. 

Unless you live in a state that has absolutely OPPRESIVE heat for several months out of the year, there is only so much anyone can do.  It’s hot.  

So… what can you do??


Bed Cooling System By Chilisleep

This innovative cooling system for your bed keeps you warm, and cold, depending on how warm or cold you want it to be when you are lying in bed.

Chilisleep™ does this by running small conduits of water in your sheets and bedding when you go to sleep.  You control the amount of heat provided, or the amount of cooling given either manually, or even better, ON AN APP. 

Think of the Chilisleep™ System as a thermostat for Just Your Bed!

Because that’s what it does, it cools or heats your bed, on-demand, when you need more cool or heat, depending on how hot or cold your apartment and bedroom currently are. 

This is PERFECT for those who want to be able to go to sleep, or even lounge in bed comfortably and not be stifling hot or freezing cold with a simple push of a button on your smartphone when you lay down to relax in your bed. 

A water system is integrated into the mattress bad and sheets, so if you want it COOLER, then the system runs a ton of cool water through the mattress and sheets so that it draws all the additional heat away from your body, and uses the circulated water in their product to accomplish that task. 

Chilisleep™ is absolutely the way to go when you NEED to be cool at night and there are no other options for you.  And the great thing is that the system is NOT just tailored for those people who are looking to get AWAY from the heat, but for people wanting a bit more heat at night, or at different parts during the night. 

The ChiliSleep™ App even allows you to set the bedding to cool down or warm up on the schedule you provide for it.  So want it to start cooling the bedding down at 700PM?  Great!   Want to warm your blankets up for the hour before you get up in the morning?  No Problem, they have an app for that! 


Cool Yourself Down Even When It’s Hot Outside

Using the Chilisleep™ system is the most effective way to cool off your body, especially when you don’t have access to truly cool water, a cool breeze, virtually anything outside sticking your head in the refrigerator. 

Their bedding ranges in size from a Half Queen all the way up to a Half California King.  So the range of bedding it works for covers a high percentage of people’s most common bedding choices.   

And bedding choices are never cheap, no matter what you get.  If you are this worried about your life in your apartment being miserable, then this is something you can do, an action you can take, to remedy the situation. 

NOT ONLY does Chilisleep™ offer a 90-day money-back trial for their goods or your money back, but they also give you a 2-year warranty on the product and free shipping both for your original product AND the products if you have to send them back for whatever reason.  

On top of that, they offer financing options in case you don’t want to shell out the money for a new mattress and blankets but would be willing to take steps towards improving the standard and quality of living at their current apartment arrangement. 


Cooling Blanket

The only chiliBlanket™ that I have seen that works as well as advertised is this one by Chilisleep™. 

It has the same water-cooling system that helps remove heat from you, your bed, and surrounding areas almost immediately, allowing you to get back to doing whatever it was that you were doing, just a whole heck of a lot more comfortable than you were before.   Not too bad.  

On the Chilisleep™ website, they are offering their starting blankets, which weigh 15lb, as their base product, but you can tie in the exact same water cooling system that you have been using for the rest of the products.  

It all comes down to how much cooling or heating you want in your bedroom to fit your needs.   But these two products do it in spades. 

There are SO many ways and things you can do that can benefit and enrich your time at an apartment complex.  Being hot and miserable for part of that time is something that is fixable.  And we are presenting that fix to your right now. 

Go check out Chilisleep™.  This simple site goes through all the products they have, what they are used for, and who should get them.   All YOU really need to know is that they do WORK and that we are comfortable telling you about them on our site. 

Please go check them out!!

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