Cardboard Moving Boxes For Your Dorm or Apartment

Moving between apartments or dorms is stressful enough without needing to worry about the COST of moving.  I’m going to walk you through the company that we recommend at our own apartment complex to use for our tenants.  This is one read that will ABSOLUTELY save you time and money. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving into an apartment, moving out of an apartment, or staying in one for a long period of time.  At one time or another, you are going to have to pack your things to move in and out to your next adventure in life. 

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But buying moving boxes and crates, not to mention the services that will come and pack and box everything for you, can get REALLY expensive.  Not to mention the waste that these companies have once their product is used once and meant to be discarded, thrown away, or burned. could be your new saving grace here!  The benefits the company brings are not just for the environment, it will show in your pocketbook as well!

Today, I am going to give you a walkthrough of this amazing company that is getting their customer’s hands-on used cardboard boxes they can use for moving that is not only quicker and cheaper but incredible for the environment as well!  

Apartment Moving Boxes – The Easy Solution

So, you need some boxes to move all of your stuff.  Maybe it’s into the apartment, maybe it’s moving out of your apartment, you just know a couple of things.  

There are essentially two things that you should be concerned about when picking your moving boxes: Cost and Usefulness. 

You need your moving containers to be sturdy enough to move your things without breaking down or falling apart.  The problem with going up a step in durability for moving boxes means you are SIGNIFICANTLY increasing how much it is going to cost you to move. 

At the big box stores, they are essentially going to give you a couple of choices.  You can either go for full retail price cardboard boxes or plastic moving containers.  Both of these options come in different sizes and quality.  

Then comes the problem of having to estimate how many boxes you are going to need for your dorm or apartment, and how many of what size to get of each.  Typically, this ends up in overspending on what you actually needed for your apartment.  

Now, while you CAN sell online those boxes you didn’t end up using, that takes time and effort to just get your money back.  And time is the one asset you can’t get back.  

If you are the person who wants to be able to use their storage crates for the next 20 years or more, we have an entire article on which storage containers we recommend for storage in your apartment or dorm. And we don’t want to discourage you from using these types of crates. 

However, some people want the cheapest, easiest, most convenient option available… that’s what we are going to show you right now!


Used Cardboard Box Sizes

A great feature about is that they come in the most common sizes that are used.  And by reusing these common sizes, they are about to give you more of the quality boxes you need to do your moving.  

The company themselves says that they don’t stock every size cardboard box known to man.  Doing that would cost them so much more in storage and labor expense that they wouldn’t be able to get you the product you need at the price they can offer it to you. 

Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. says that their selection is by no means limited to the sizes that are listed below, here are some of the most common size boxes that are used. 

Mediums – 1.50-2.49 cubic feet. 

  • 19x13x14
  • 19x11x16
  • 23x15x10

Large – 2.50 – 3.59 cubic feet. 

  • 23x15x16
  • 20x16x16
  • 20x16x20

X-Large – 3.60+ cubic feet.

  • 21x14x22
  • 24x20x17
  • 24x16x18

They also have sizes that are different than just these most commonly used ones.  For instance, they also sell boxes to hold your Flatscreen TV and other boxes, such as Floor Lamp and Kitchen Moving Boxes

Essentially, if you need a cardboard box size, they probably have something that will be perfect for your needs. 

Used Cardboard Box Kits

One of the BEST features about Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. is that they offer you Cardboard Box KITS that you can use to pack your entire apartment into, no matter the size! 

Most of our apartments are either 1 or 2 bedroom units, as is what is going to be the case for most people going in and out of different apartments.  

So, instead of having to worry about what size to get and how many of each one you need to have, all of that is done FOR you.  The company knows approximately how many boxes you will need, and of what size, depending on how many bedrooms you have. 

If you are staying in a two-bedroom apartment and want all the boxes you will need to move your things, all you have to do is click on the 2-Bedroom Moving Kit and everything is ordered for you and shipped straight to your door.  For a little over $100 bucks, you will get 51 total boxes of various sizes for you to pack and store all of your things.  

It ALSO comes with 9 lbs of paper, 1 packing tape dispenser, and 4 full rolls of packing take.  To top it off, they include 2 markers so you can label and keep track of what’s all in every box, and 2 box cutters. 

Just have a 1 bedroom you are wanting to pack up and move with as little time and money put in as possible?  Simply click the 1-Bedroom Moving Kit, and in 2-3 days, you will have 34 total boxes,  6 lbs of paper, 2 rolls of packing tape and 2 markers, and 2 box cutters.  

Perhaps you and a bunch of friends are moving from one house to another and want to split the cost of a pack of boxes.  Or maybe you have a garage full of things outside your apartment or house and need to pack those as well.  There are kits for that, too.  

You can go all the way up to the equivalent of a 10-bedroom house or all the way down to a smaller-job “Pack Rat” for whatever the situation. 

Also… FREE SHIPPING!!   Yep, all of the orders have free shipping which the company says almost always gets to their destination within 2-3 days via FedEx.  

There are SO many reasons to use this company when you are moving from one apartment to the next!  And at our apartment complex, we recommend this company to our tenants when they have moving issues or concerns.  There are just so many options, all of them simplified, that it makes it one of the easiest and cheapest solution when you are moving. 

Packing Supplies For Moving Your Apartment

Unlike the boxes that Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. uses which have either been used for a single time or just a manufacture mistake or overrun, has all brand-new packing material for moving your items as well. 

This includes everything from Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, to Tape Guns and Tape Rolls.  And all of these things can be shipped to your apartment, dorm, or house at no additional cost.  This is the power the company leverages when they are able to use quality cardboard boxes again.  

If you are shipping everything to your home or apartment anyways, it makes sense to take advantage of the cost of the additional packing supplies, especially if you don’t have to pay for shipping.   

How Used Cardboard Boxes Work

How does this company do what they do?  

It’s because they saw that SO many cardboard boxes that companies and manufacturers and businesses use and then dispose of on a daily basis can be repurposed and used again.  They aren’t making the cardboard boxes themselves, they are taking boxes that are either brand new and have a labeling issue on them, or they are a once-used box that can ABSOLUTELY be used again. 

The benefit this gives to YOU, the customer is that you can get the cardboard boxes you need for your shipping and storage solutions at a deeply discounted rate.  

And on top of that, you are helping the environment by reusing a product that has already been made.  The company prides itself on being able to serve so many customers and not having to cut down a single extra tree.  

There aren’t many companies where you can get a product that is BOTH cheaper and greener for the environment at the same time.  But with Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. you can!! 

And for those of you that are skeptical about the process, they have their team go through every single box by hand to make sure that it is a good enough quality to be sold to a customer.

We have been telling our tenants about this company when they come to us and they have an entire garage and a couple bedroom apartment to empty out and move to another complex.  We did this simply because it was the cheapest and by far the EASIEST solution we could find recommend them.   

NOW, we tell tenants that are GOING to move in about the company when they schedule a month or so out and are moving to our complex.   It makes it easy on the tenant, and they appreciate that we are looking out for them on a little thing like that, and suggesting a solution that can save them some serious time and money. 

If you need boxes to move your stuff in, is going to save you time and money, it’s that simple.

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