Make Your Apartment Kitchen Smell Better

There is little worse than having some sort of smell inside your kitchen that you just can’t seem to get rid of.  If you are reading this article right now, no doubt you are currently experiencing this frustrating situation.  I will walk you through why your kitchen probably is smelling the way it does, and what you can do about it to get it back to normal. 

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Why Does My Kitchen Drain Stink?

The very last thing that you want anyone walking into your apartment to smell is whatever is emanating from your kitchen sink at this moment. Humans have this amazing built-in detector that lets us know when there is something that can be potentially dangerous to our systems.  Our noses are incredibly good at doing this, it is the primary way we know if something is spoiled or rotten. 

You must eliminate the source of the smell for it to go away. 

More than likely, your pipes have had mineral deposits build up in your pipes over time.  This allows food and other stuff to become more easily trapped in the pipes than it otherwise would.  This is where the smell is coming from.  You would think that hot water and soap should do it, but what if it doesn’t?  

The same bacterial processes that are at work with spoiled food are going to be at work with whatever is setting off your nose detector. 

There is only one thing that is going to make that smell go away, and that is if you kill the source. 

How To Make Your Kitchen Sink Smell Better

The easiest, quickest, and most effective way to make your sink smell better is to use a disposal cleaner.  

The best I have ever used is a product called “Lemi-Shine Disposal Cleaner”.  This company makes all sorts of different products to help your kitchen and sink smell better, but their garbage disposal product is second to none! 

You simply put one down your sink hole with hot water running, turn the disposal on, watch it foam, and rinse with hot water.   Literally, the entire process takes about 15 seconds.  And let me tell you, the amount of satisfaction you get when all the nice smelling foam bubbles up from underneath… just immaculate! 

If you grab them in bulk, you can do one every few days and never break the bank.  They do a GREAT job cleaning your disposal, and they smell AMAZING, and the hardest part of the whole process is literally turning on the hot water.  

If you pick some of these up, just keep them under your sink for when you need them.  Then, the next time you start to smell ANYTHING coming from your sink, just pop one of these bad boys in and you will have a great smelling sink in just a few seconds!  

I have tenants that constantly complain that their kitchen smells bad.  If they don’t have anything growing legs in their fridge, I just give them a pack of Lemi-Shine Disposal Cleaners, and 99 times out of 100, they never complain again.   I’m telling you, the product WORKS.

Why Does My Dishwasher Smell?

Some of the same problems that plague your kitchen sink are working in your dishwasher as well.  

Dishwashers have the same problem with deposits and build-up over time.  This can make the dishwasher not clean properly or drain properly.  And when things don’t clean or drain properly, you are going to have a smell to contend with.  

So, the two things you need to do to get your dishwasher smelling great, and cleaning your plates as best it can, is by removing any mineral or material buildup where the water comes into the dishwasher, and also making sure something is clean and sanitizing it on the way out.  

I’m going to show you the easiest way to do this…

How To Make Your Dishwasher Smell Better

Now, there ARE natural remedies out there, and there will be a hundred sites telling you to pour some materials you already have in your kitchen down your sink.  I have tried most of these methods and the one I am about to mention is the method I use on all my dishwashers at my rental units, as well as the dishwasher I have in my own home. 

These Dishwasher Cleaning pods from “Lemi-Shine” do essentially the same thing to your dishwasher as their other product does for your garbage disposal.   Simply put one of these in where you put your soap for your dishwasher, turn the water on Hot or Sanitize, and go about your business.  When you come back, your dishwasher will be looking and smelling as good as it has for a long time.  

The pods sanitize the inside of your dishwasher along with the hot water when it is running the cycle, and then remove the mineral build-up that can occur in places that have exceptionally hard water.  

But there is literally no easier way to clean your dishwasher.  And if you buy these cleaning pods in bulk, you can literally clean your dishwasher any time you want and never notice the cost.   

Removing a bad smell from your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard.  Most smells that aren’t fridge-related are going to have their source in your sink or dishwasher.   These two products from “Lemi-Shine” are as easy and as cheap as it gets for a cleaning product, and the great thing is that they actually WORK. 

The next time you are at the store, pick up a couple packs to have on hand under your sink for when you need them, or better yet, click on this link to order them right now!

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